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Should sex education be taught in school or do you think it is the Parent’s job to talk to their kids?

As you know, this debate has been going on for decades. Educators don’t want to teach sex education because there are too embarrassed to talk about it. Parents feel, if the school can teach the basic facts about the human … Continue reading

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Education Is Finally Catching Up To Technology?

Thirty years ago, technology in the classroom was a foreign concept. Thirty years later, “technology” is everywhere, especially in the school districts. It is everywhere you turn. You have all sorts of devices and apps at your fingertips and our … Continue reading

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Banning Homework – Good or Bad Idea?

Students generally cringe at the thought that they will have to go home and do “homework”. “Homework” is something that students around the world are assigned and expected to complete on a daily basis. Some school districts have decided to … Continue reading

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Student’s Learning Style… A Bogus Idea?

Not everyone is the same! Everyone has different ways of teaching; learning and absorbing the materials that is being taught or being explained to them. It could be taught visually, giving lecture or just simply by reading the material. Do … Continue reading

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Delaying Early School Start Time….Hmmmm!

Study has shown that kids in middle school and high school are not getting enough sleep. Unfortunately, lack of sleep will not have kids function through out the day and could cause serious health issues later in life, such as … Continue reading

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