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“Retweeting Gossip”

20 student were recently suspended for “retweeting” gossip about their school teacher. Since the suspension would become part of their  permanent record, parents of the students have asked the school to reconsider and give a lighter punishment. Do you think … Continue reading

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What is “Zero Tolerance” ?

“Zero Tolerance” can be defined as bullying, being violent, giving gestures & name calling. An incident happened in Columbus, Ohio with a student who gestured his finger as a gun. The student stated that he was playing around and didn’t … Continue reading

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What is Common Core?

  There is a lot of confusion about the Common Core. The Obama Administration has promoted the Common Core to replace state standards. There are 45 US States and District of Columbia  agree with the Common Core, however, the liberal state of the US, … Continue reading

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Study With Music or Without Music?

When it comes to studying for tests/exams or quizzes, do you encourage your students to study with music or without music? If you recommend to study with music, what type of music?

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Are we pushing students too hard?

Are we pushing students too hard not only to get good grades but also take part in afterschool activities in sports, band, clubs and other activities outside of school? Are we pressuring students to be the best in everything?

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