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United States Scores Low in Math, Science and Reading

Half a million students from 65 countries participated in the 2012 International Students Assessment or PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment). Students in the United States did not make the top 20 in Math, Science and reading. How can students … Continue reading

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Girls vs. Boys

Some educators believe and recent studies show that there is a significant difference in learning capabilities between boys and girls. Boys typically will be naturally better at understanding topics dealing with math and science, while girls excel at language and … Continue reading

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How Well Can We Juggle?

Today’s educators are asked to be accountable for more and more each year.  We are constantly under the scrutiny of test scores, preparing students, teaching social skills, being part of different committees, and endless piles of paperwork that needed to … Continue reading

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School Violence – The New Norm?

It seems that teachers and schools are bombarded with the ever present question of dealing with school violence.  Whether it is combating bullying, gang activity, threats to students and teachers, or even weapons being brought to school, teachers and administrators … Continue reading

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Cyber Bullying… It is happening more often than you think!

During 70s or 80s, children’s main focus was to get good grades and enjoy time with friends and family. In the age of technology, children have to worry more than just their grades. There is constant pressure to keep up with new … Continue reading

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