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‘No Zeros’ Grading Policy

Diane Tirado was fired because she disagreed with the ‘no zeros’ grading policy. Diane gave an assignment to her class, which them two weeks to complete. Several students didn’t hand in the assignment at all, even after giving them extra … Continue reading

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French Schools say “Non!” to Cell Phones

French Schools Say “Non!” to Cell Phones. A London School of Economics found that banning cell phones, produced students with higher test scores. We have been without cell phones for decades & with technology at your finger tips it’s distracting. … Continue reading

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Mentor! What does it mean to be a mentor; an experienced and trusted adviser. Everyone had or has a mentor in their lives. Who was or still a mentor in your life? How did they influence you to do what … Continue reading

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We talk about how important STEM is & how much it is needed. Does anyone really know what STEM is and what it stands for? Science, Technology, Engineer and Math. Do parents and students know what it means and why … Continue reading

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Are We Walking On Egg Shells?

What does it mean when we talk about politically correct?  In the United States we are changing Mascots and tearing down statues that have been erected years ago because people feel that it is being offensive to a certain group.  … Continue reading

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