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Are We Walking On Egg Shells?

What does it mean when we talk about politically correct?  In the United States we are changing Mascots and tearing down statues that have been erected years ago because people feel that it is being offensive to a certain group.  … Continue reading


Role Models!

Buddies, Mentors, Role Models-Every School District and communities should have one. Upper classmates should be able to lead & mentor the younger grades and younger kids, so that they can teach them respect & responsibilities. It is very important to … Continue reading

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2018 Grammy Music Educator Award goes to-Melissa Salguero Public School 48. Melissa works hard before & after school everyday so that her students can succeed academically & learn music at the same time. Music is a universal language. We may … Continue reading

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Tearful Superintendent on Teachers Controversial Arrest “I’m to blame” – Unfortunately this issue isn’t “New”. It has been going on for decades. We have raised our voices over gender gaps and professional pay gaps but it goes to deaf ears. … Continue reading

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GRADES!  That’s what students & parents strive for- A’s & B’s. When we were growing up, all we had to worry about was studying for tests, after school activities and working part time. Times have changed so much in the last … Continue reading

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