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What Makes You A Great Educator!

It doesn’t matter what profession you are in, however, we all think that we are great in what we do and the skills that we all have. So, what makes you a great educator? Let us know so that other … Continue reading

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To Pray or Not To Pray

Recently an airplane pilot asked his passengers to pray for their safety as they were experiencing some violent shaking of the aircraft.  This brings a very controversial topic to light.  What is it about praying that is so scary and … Continue reading

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School Lunch Shaming

It’s a shame that we are discussing this. There shouldn’t be “Lunch Shaming” at all. Especially when you see a child who is hungry and hasn’t had anything to eat since morning. If you see a child with out food … Continue reading

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Fidget Spinners!

My 7yr old son just bought a fidget spinner, not because he needed it, but because it’s a new trend. I didn’t think much of it until he started playing with it. I have to admit, the noise started to bother … Continue reading

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Best Education System in the WORLD!

When you think of the BEST education system in the world, you would think United States will be on the top 10. Sorry to say, that’s not the case. Matter of fact, we are not on any of the top … Continue reading

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