French Schools say “Non!” to Cell Phones

French Schools Say “Non!” to Cell Phones. A London School of Economics found that banning cell phones, produced students with higher test scores. We have been without cell phones for decades & with technology at your finger tips it’s distracting.
Schools are using iPads and other technology devices to do classwork and homework but can be limited to certain sites.

What is your opinion about banning cell phones in the schools? Do you think you will see an increase in grades and a better way of socializing with others?

Click at the link below to read more about – Banning Cell Phones

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One Response to French Schools say “Non!” to Cell Phones

  1. dduraj says:

    I believe that personal mobile devices should be utilized in the classroom. There is a time to work with technology and a time to put the technology away. With appropriate instruction, technology can be utilized in the classroom to enhance the learning that is already taking place.
    The more you tell your child/student ‘no’, the more they seem to want to defy you. Banning an item, like a cell phone, makes that item taboo. Students are still going to try to use them – why not learn to use them appropriately.

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