‘No Zeros’ Grading Policy

Diane Tirado was fired because she disagreed with the ‘no zeros’ grading policy. Diane gave an assignment to her class, which them two weeks to complete. Several students didn’t hand in the assignment at all, even after giving them extra days to complete.
After reviewing the project, Diane said “no” to giving students 50% vs. 0% on their grade for not turning their assignment at all. It’s not fair to those students who did their assignment and turned it on time.

Now, the problem is not the 50%, the problem is, do you give a pass to students who don’t do the work at all and still give them 50% on their assignments? It may bring down the students self esteem when you give out a 0 or an F, but it might help the student be motivated to do better and do the assignment next time on time. It might even help the teacher find out why they didn’t do the assignment and help their students with the next one. What will motivate any of the students in class to complete any assignment if they will still get credit for it whether it is done or not?

When you average the grade at the end of the semester, will the grade be fair to students who chose not to do the assignments vs. the students who did all their assignments on time and deserved the proper grade?

All of teachers struggle with the grading system and it would be great to hear your thoughts.

Click her for the article related to ‘no zeros’ grading policy: Teacher fired over ‘no zeros’ grading policy – http://ow.ly/PNaH30m0hrG

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