Role Models!

Buddies, Mentors, Role Models-Every School District and communities should have one. Upper classmates should be able to lead & mentor the younger grades and younger kids, so that they can teach them respect & responsibilities. It is very important to show them they have someone on their side & they have someone to look up to and listen. It would benefit not only for the role models but also for the educators.  They can come to each other with any problems or issues that they are facing and learn to solve problems together. Teaching them to understand each other with love and patience will teach them to pay it forward.   Thoughts?

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  1. dduraj says:

    Role Models!
    Mentoring/Buddy programs across grade levels are a common approach that schools use to build community. These programs can serve as an important learning tool for both younger and older students. Older students feel a sense of responsibility for their younger buddies and will be motivated to be a role model for that younger student. As they interact with their younger buddy, they practice their own skills whether it be reading, math computation, or something as simple as cutting out a pattern or gluing items together. Opportunities for enhancement of their social skills are also present while taking turns, practicing patience, helping another, interactions with others, and forming friendships.
    These community building skills are important for students to learn at a young age as these skills will be needed for their lifetime. Collaboration and cooperation are highly valued in high school, college, and especially the workplace. Nobody really works independently. Everyone depends on someone throughout the process of completing a task.
    Just a funny thought/side: Older students who mentor/buddy a younger student gain a better appreciation for what their teachers and/or parents go through on a daily basis! 🙂

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