Should Kids Be Recruited In Jr. High?

Junior High students have a lot of pressure everyday in school.  They are expected to concentrate on classes, get good grades, and be active in extracurricular activities.  One of the ways that Junior High students get involved is by joining sports.  These young athletes can have lots of talent along with the love of the game.  but imagine how exciting it must be for a 10 to 13 year old child to start being recruited to play for very well known and prestigious colleges.  As exciting as this is for the young adolescent, is it really appropriate?  There is a lot of changes that children go through not only physically, but emotionally, socially, and educationally during Junior High.  Add to this the weight of committing to play college basketball and it can be very overwhelming for anyone. Professional players have spoken out about this topic like LeBron James who stated “It should be a violation; you shouldn’t be recruiting 10 yr old kids”. What is your opinion about college recruiters targeting children as young as 10 years old?  Is this appropriate, then why?  If it isn’t, why not?.
The attached article will provide you with some background on this heated debate:
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