Tax Referendum Dist57

According to a recent statement on 3/21/18, by Dr. Elaine Aumiller, Superintendent of Schools, Mount Prospect School District 57: “The District 57 referendum passed and the district will receive the funding it needs to avoid cuts and maintain current staffing levels, class sizes and programming, while addressing major deferred maintenance.” The district was now receive property tax funding that is “closer” to surrounding districts.  The referendum was passed with little over 70% of the vote.

According to district figures shared with the Journal during a 90-minute interview last week with John Krupa, chair of the pro-referendum Citizens Committee for Education:  “What it amounts to for taxpayers varies. Those receiving homeowner and senior exemptions for a home valued at $100,000 in the district would feel an impact of $85.27 per year in additional taxes paid to Dist. 57. The cost nearly doubles for homeowners who do not receive a senior exemption.”

District 57 homeowners/taxpayers/parents eagerly await to see the changes that these increases will make in the district.  Hopefully, this money is not just used to increase pay for employees.

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