They Are Not Like You!

There are a lot of kids who are not born perfect. Some kids maybe born with one eye smaller then the other, abnormal skin disease or they may have a stutter. Trying to teach kids to be kind and not look at other kids differently is really difficult. It’s very easy to make fun of others who are not like you. It could be color of your skin, the way your eyes are or have an accent.

As an adult, we are not any better. We are like kids and make fun of others who are different. When we see an adult making fun of others, do you participate in it? If so, how can we teach kids/students to respect others but as adults we are not doing the same thing.

As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, or “Beauty is skin deep”

How would you change yourself so that your students can learn from you and follow your lead in respecting others?

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